All about Google Merchent Center

Google Merchant Center is a new service that means it is easy to add and manage the product listings you want to can be found in Google Product Search, AdWords, and other Google properties.

Previously, you may have used Google Base to add and manage Product listings. Google Base is still available for other styles of structured content, but the Google Merchant Center supplies a better, optimized experience especially for merchants. The Merchant Center is where we'll continue adding features and improving the various tools for uploading and managing product listings.

What Google Merchant Center does?

Google Merchant Center is for those who want to submit products and sell them through Google. It used to be called BUY GOOGLE REVIEWS Base. Google Merchant Center is where you add nourishes, check item status, and get information about how well your listings are doing. Your products published to Google Merchant Center feed the searches that other people do for products they want to buy. For example, suppose someone wants to buy some dog toys. Starting at Google's website and clicking on "Shopping, inches they'll see a page like in the first screen shot. After typing "dog toys" into the search box and hitting enter they'll be taken to a listings page.

Google Base still exists, but Google Merchant Center is optimized for product listings, and it is where Google will concentrate on adding features and improving the various tools needed for uploading product listings and managing them. If you already used Google Base for listing products, your existing data nourishes, FTP settings, and other items will still be there. Your account will have already been utilized in the Google Merchant Center, and you will sign in using the same account you utilized on Google Base. For most users the transfer will be transparent. There are, however, a small fraction of users who have been uploading product listings and other items on Google Base. They will need to to remain to Google Base to create new FTP settings to be able to add non-product nourishes to Google Base.

Google Merchant Center has a new dashboard page that contains an overview of your product listings, and nourishes, and performance charts, making them more accessible than before. If you sell items over Google Merchant Center, the Google Checkout is the secure web application that lets you process orders, which includes tasks like charging credit cards, specifying carriers and tracking numbers, canceling or refunding orders, reviewing payout summaries, and updating Google Checkout settings.

To process orders in the Google Merchant Center, you sign in, review the order, and charge the purchaser's credit card. Google will likely then authorize 100% of the order amount. You need to charge the order within seven diary days to be guaranteed the funds. After the order is charged, you automatically kick-off the payout process. You have to ship the order within a specified time frame that you agreed to when you confirmed an order so that you will be eligible for the Google Checkout Payment Guarantee. You'll warn the customer that their order has shipped. There are ways of automating order processing using the Google Checkout API.

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