Five New Long Island Window Trends 2022

Since the pandemic, Long Islanders' lives have changed dramatically. Our sanctuaries have become our home. We are now spending more time there: learning, working, and living. This trend was not temporary. In 2022, nearly all New Yorkers who had worked at home during the pandemic planned to reduce their time in the office by half.

This lifestyle shift has also led to new design trends in layout and design Room Additions Long Island . We set out to simplify and beautify our living spaces, right down to our windows.

Windows are one of the most important elements in overall home design. A new set of home windows can transform the entire feel and design of your home, both from the inside and outside.

We used to be more concerned with window functionality than window design in the past. Windows come in many sizes and styles today, which brings architecture and design together to make a difference in the interior and exterior.

It's a great time to update your home windows. Perhaps you purchased a house here many decades ago. Your property's value has increased by 8% over last year. Maybe you're just moving from New York City and want to create your own style. Sometimes, you just want to change things up.

Are you ready to make your next chapter in interior or exterior design the centerpiece of your home with new windows? Here are the top 9 home window trends for 2022.

1. Unexpected placement

Window trends for your home are more than how they look from the inside. The outside is just as important. Long Island's neighborhoods are seeing unusual windows in unusual places.

This trend is all about minimalism. Don't place windows everywhere. It is important that the windows fit in with your home's flow and add value. A more finished look is achieved by adding a window to hallways, staircases and bathrooms.

Transoms and filtered photo windows can be a great choice for the bathroom. They allow you to enjoy that natural light that is so mood-boosting and beautiful on Long Island.

2. Extra large and bulky

Home windows are a wonderful way to show off your home. Home windows that are large and tall can enhance the exterior of your home, give it a modern look, and make rooms appear larger. This all helps to increase the property's value. Double or triple-pane glass is a good choice for bathrooms, hallways and staircases as well as closets.

Large and oversized windows are a great choice for multi-purpose spaces and rooms, as open-concept homes have been gaining popularity on Long Island since the pandemic. It's a great way to bring together spaces, create a more inviting and functional environment, add natural light and express your personal style in your living space.

Try out large, unusual, or unusual windows in your main living spaces. No matter if you want to enhance the view or make a statement, there is nothing better than a large piece of glass hanging on a wall.

Picture windows can transform your home from a builder's quality to professional interior designer-quality. You can create a unique look by customizing your size. This allows you to bring in the outside and flood rooms with natural light.

You also have the option of large, floor-to-ceiling windows that span entire walls. Hanging blinds or curtains that block the view are best left out. You can also achieve this trendy, oversized look with large bay or bow windows and especially box bay windows.

Box bay windows are sharper than traditional bay windows, which protrude at an awkward angle. Instead, they open at a sharper 90-degree angle. This allows for more room for a built in window seat and provides a focal point to enhance your home.

3. Open to the outside

The 2022 trendsetting home windows bring the indoor/outdoor together. This gives you the ability to maximize space, make your home more functional, and create a better flow between spaces.

Long Island residents wanted to spend more time outside during quarantine. They learned how to make a patio or backyard into a beautiful oasis. Long Island residents moved to Long Island because they wanted more outdoor space.

Windowed doors make the most impact. You can see outside from the inside, but you can also get there. You can combine more than one set to make your home even more fun.

4. Black is back

White window frames won't go out of fashion, but black is the most fashionable and popular home window color in 2022. In the last few years, black has been requested 200% more in homes.

Black contrasts well with white. This creates subtle pops of color and dramatic enhancements both inside and out. This color is versatile and can be used in any home design.

A simple change from white to black can transform an ordinary design into something unique, flexible, modern, and stylish. The timeless and classic black frame and sash create a perfect frame for an exterior view.

Black windows can add up to 15% value to regular white windows, from the most rustic and rural to the ultra-modern. Black hardware can be used on windows to add subtle color and cohesion to your home, just like black frames.

5. Rich colors

Black isn't the only trend inside and out of the home. With vibrant colors on the window frames, a home can stand out from the rest of its neighbors and have an elevated curb appeal.

Instead of painting wooden windows, consider vinyl window frames in rich colors that require less maintenance and can be preserved for many years.

Royal treatment for your home and you

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