How to keep your clothing looking new

Having key staples to your fashion wardrobe is important for keeping up your personal style and sharp look. And you don’t want to be replacing those core pieces more often than you have to be. Here are some ideas for how you can keep your clothing looking brand new.

1. Sort your laundry. Seemingly, a task our parents gave us just to make chores more tedious but no, there is purpose to sorting your colours and fabrics. Washing your shirts and pants with towels will wear down your fabric and give your clothing premature pilling. Sort your colours not only to prevent your whites from going pink or grey, but also to keep your colours vibrant.

2. Follow the garment care instructions on the label. It is there for a reason, to prolong the life of your garment! Turn clothes inside out to save colour and print images; lie flat to dry when materials risk stretching out like sweaters; dry clean only to ensure your clothes will fit you after cleaning cheap alterations toronto . Sometimes it’s the lining of the clothing is a different material from the outer shell, so head the dry clean only direction! (check out this handy guide to learn what the symbols mean.

3. Show love to your clothing. Hang up that gorgeous dress at the end of the day, lay your suit jacket tenderly over the armchair. Items that hang around in a heap on the floor will wrinkle and get trampled, speeding its fate into the recycle bin.

4. Don’t abandon your closet. Clothing that isn’t worn often will get musty and stale. Freshen your closet with cedar balls and closet sachets, and freshen your clothing annually with a cleaning. If your tuxedo has been packed away for a while, you’ll definitely want it dry cleaned before you think to wear it again. Moth balls are a thing of the past (except maybe at your great-aunt’s closet) but cedar balls are an effective replacement for your closet and storage areas. Feeling DIY about it? Here’s a recipe for making refreshing satchels for your closet.

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