Luxury Real Estate Marketing Essentials : Visionary Thinking

Visionary thinking is one of the most important components of the luxurious real estate marketing. If market authority is your quest it is essential. A shining mindset is what is going to set you apart from the pack. When asked about his mental preparation for the Olympics, swimming champion, Michael Phelps, responded which he trained not only his body but his imagination. He consistently created himself winning gold!

What is visionary thinking in luxury real estate marketing? It is challenging traditional marketing practices, examining and re-examining your beliefs. What worked in 2004 in a hyperactive market may not apply today. It is knowing, that in the deconstruction of your ideas, you may keep all, or part, or none of your current advertising models.

Here is an example of visionary thinking in luxury real estate marketing. One of our clients is the market leader in Napa Valley, California. She needed a different approach to sell a particularly high-end listing. She noted that the seller was a car collector and often demonstrated his prize possessions at the Concours d'Elegance. This is where owners the most beautiful and rare automobiles are invited to showcase their cars on the credited eighteenth fairway of Pebble Beach Golf Links, in California. Lovers of art and technology congregate to ogle of these magnificent driving machines. How did she know about this? She takes the time to very much understand her clients, learning what they value most and what they like.

Instead of advertising this property in a slick newspaper (the usual fare), she had the property on a billboard at the Concours. And, she had a flyer with the special gifts at the event. This has been a great strategy. She knew that the group gathered there might spend the money for a house ways to sell your home. She did this unbeknownst to the seller who was allowed to be out of town during the event. But, his schedule fixed. Imagine his surprise seeing his home advertised just where it must be seen! The house sold, our client was hailed as a genius, handed word-of-mouth and other car enthusiasts contacted her as well.

It is exploring new possibilities. It is being ready make the impossible possible. It is fluidity in motion without containment; it is allowing maximum freedom of creativity. It is exploring the edge such as Star Trek's opening monologue, "to boldly go where no man moved before". Star Trek accomplished this in the express by featuring a multi-racial ensemble cast, a primary in television, in 1966. Equality was typical on this show.

Our patient's example shows the value of innovative thinking as a luxury real estate professional. Each home is unique and may require a unique marketing strategy. Studying what had been done in luxury real estate marketing may not yield the strategy you are looking for when marketing a multi-million dollar home. Networking with marketing professionals in other fields and gleaning ideas, is now a requirement for luxury market leaders. It is important to study innovative marketing in other luxury industries, in particular.

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