What is the cost to install a slate roof in Orange County?

Orange County Slate Roof Installation Prices

Slate roofs can be used to re-roof your home or install a new roof. Luxury materials come with high-end costs. How much does it cost for a slate roof to be installed or re-roof in Orange County?

Average Cost of a Slate Roof In Orange County

Orange County's average slate roof cost is $10.00 to $24.50 per square feet.

Slate Roof Prices based on the Size of Your Home

The cost of your slate roof will depend on the size of your house.

1000 sq.ft. Home: $10,000 to $24,500

1500 sq. ft. home: $15,000 to $356,750

2000 sq. ft. home: $20,000 to $49,000

2500 sq. ft. home: $25,000 to $61,250

Cost of a slate roof on an average Orange County home

Orange County's average home size is 1750 square feet in 2022. A slate roof would run $17,500 to $42,875 on an average Orange County home.

All About Slate Roofs

What are they?

A slate roof is a premium roofing option that is made from slate tiles and other slate materials. There are many options available, including soft and hard slates as well as synthetic and natural slate Roofers Near me . Slate roofs are a highly-regarded roofing system in Orange County.

General Cost

Slate roofs are expensive. They are one of the most expensive roofing options on the market. The cost of installing a slate roof will depend on several factors.

The Home's Size

Pitch of the Roof

Types of slate

Re-Roofing or a New Installation


Slate roofs are the most durable roofs on the market. Depending on the system used, the average slate roof will last between 50 and 100 years. Some slate roofs are more than 200 years old.


It may seem counterintuitive, considering the lifespan of slate roofing materials, but they are not very durable. Although slate roofing systems can last many generations if they are well maintained, they can easily be damaged if someone walks on them.


Slate roofs can be maintained easily. They require little maintenance, aside from routine cleaning, over their long life spans. It will last as long as there are no people walking on it.

Environmental Impact

Slate roofs are the most environmentally-friendly roofing system available. About 5% of all waste sent to landfills every year is roofing waste, which is usually asphalt shingle tear offs. Slate is a natural stone that lasts a lifetime, so it helps keep materials out of landfills.

Is the cost of slate roofs worth it in Orange County?

DM Ring Contracting, LLC believes so! Although slate roofs are more expensive than other options, they offer unparalleled beauty and long-lasting durability to Orange County homes. Any home that stands out in the 2022 housing market is worth it. If you don't plan on selling your home in the near future, your slate roof will be your last roofing project. This might be the last roof that your children ever need to install. A slate roof in Orange County can be expensive at first, but the long-term benefits that slate roofing systems offer are well worth it.

DM Ring Contracting, LLC can help with any slate roofing issues in Orange County. For a free consultation on your slate roofing system, contact the trusted roofing contractor in Orange County.

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