Why Would Anyone Paraglide?

Only Paragliding has the freedom of a motorcycle in 3 dimensions. Paragliders are completely portable on the floor, and in flight we are at one with nature. In the air we are truly free, not completely without risk, but controlled. It is a solitary sport that also shares great friendship with like minded people and also takes you to many breathtaking parts of the country side?

The adventure catches the eye of pilots of all ages. Male and Female pilots range from teen to 84+ years, from every you can imagine background. Few people will ever take the leap, and experience personal flight, what makes them different? A strong thrist for adventure and a taste for adrenalin.

You may have considered gliding and hang-gliding, even micro-lighting, but all have some drawbacks, not only the time it takes to learn, but the expense and lack of portability. Paragliding however has several positive aspects, notably, during the last few years paragliding equipment has become lighter and more compact. Now the lightest paraglider weighs in at merely 2. 5kg, and packages down neatly into a small reversible backpack/harness, easy enough to carry on your back whilst hiking, riding or driving.

Paragliding can only be achieved in fine weather, as rain in a harmful way affects the mentorship. You can paraglide pretty much wherever, in England and Germany alone there over 60, 000 paragliding pilots all enjoying the of free flight, whether its smooth coast soaring, thermalling in the Alps alongside birds of animals or acrobatic flying paramoteur Qu├ębec . Paragliding involved one of the lowest investments for equipment of all aviation sports, increasing its growing popularity. Throughout Europe, Asia, the Americas, Photography equipment, and Australia. I cant think of anything I would rather do on a fine inviting day. Take to the sky, and see the world from a different angle while breathing fresh cool air. Whn you have had enough ticket and sunshine, drift to earth, pack-up and head home.

Great improvements in paraglider safety and ability have been made over recent years. Paraglider routes have been made of over 500km All without the use of mechanical propulsion. Paragliders can ride warm currents of air called thermals, which carry the preliminary up-wards to the confuses. Once at cloud-base, the preliminary slides off to find another arctic.

Modern paragliders are tested to high safety standards. Improving the safety and accessibility to the adventure. The adventure of paragliding is dictated by various associations around the world, supervising training programs and the safety. A great way to get a feel for the sport is to take part in an starting flying day. Like it? then go on to get full training, get a licence and off you go. Many members of the sport agree that its one of lifes best experiences. Go on, have a go!

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