Workplace Mental Health

Are your company workers at work working? Does your staff work to their full potential? Or are your employees full of worry, stress, anxiety and depression? The answer is in front of them in your statistics: what are your numbers for absenteeism, WCIB claims, staff turnover and sales? By recognizing workplace mental health you can experience your employees accommodating their full potential, see your WCIB and sick leave decrease and your staff spirits and team functioning improve. With this proven process named P. A. T your work environment can go from sickness to success.

Build procedures and plans on managing workplace mental health. Do you train your new employees in WHIMMIS, First-aid and CPR? Do you offer an angle package and work out? Is mental health training part of this angle? Usually not, and yet 1 in 5 will experience mental illness in their lifetime and this does not add the anxiety and depression that we all function with or those that are not diagnosed due to stigma. Prepare procedures to manage mental health at work.

What is your company's attitude around mental illness? If you have an employee off due to a broken leg are they treated differently then someone away due to bipolar illness? When you have a friend, company worker or employee away for a physical injury many of us send flowers, take a meal and offer support; have you done these same motions to an individual at home for depression, bipolar, or stress? Why should it be any different? All illnesses have the same characteristics, symptoms, treatments, and a cure for recovery Mental Health Course . Even mental illness! Change the attitude, stop the stigma, and show that you are a company that has feelings for you.

Do you offer training to everyone staff on identifying mental illness? Do your administrators know how to identify mental health issues compared to laziness or defiance? Do your employees know how to try a customer with a mental health issue? Training opens discussion which will uncover answers to workplace absenteeism, accidents, mistakes, poor spirits and poor productivity. Training teaches tools, which will provide outcome to a productive, positive and prepared workplace.

Offers hopes to companies which have been concerned about staff turnover, sales and service. offers anticipate to those sitting at their companies worrying about their own families, finances, and future. Take time to see how you manage health at work. Speak out and stop the stigma, not only could it make any difference in your statistics at work but it will likewise make any difference in all aspects of your life.

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